Zhejiang Expressway promotes a corporate culture of "Harmony,Openness, Honesty, and Progressiveness". We encourage employees to work diligently in an open and harmonious atmosphere, continuously improving themselves with new knowledge and skills. Honesty is a premise to any successful business operations, and we operate on basic moral principals of being honest, sincere and straightforward. The only way for a company to achieve lasting success is to be ever progressive and ever evolving. At the dawn of a new millennium, we set ourselves a far-reaching strategic goal of striving to become a leading infrastructure investment company in China.


Zhejiang Expressway adheres to a principle of putting people first. Adopting a forward-looking human resource strategy, we aim to offer our employees working environments that are harmonious and progressive through modern human resource management techniques, providing individuals and teams opportunities for further growth and development.

In particular, we offer

  • Competitive salaries and benefits within the industry
  • Highly efficient working environment and
  • Professional and management training
  • Opportunities for overseas training

Growing with the Company

Zhejiang Expressway provides each employee a platform to perform. Employees are encouraged to study while working on the job, continuously seeking self-improvement. Exceptional contribution by employees is key to our company’s success, and through coordinated efforts, we strive to achieve "win-win" with our employees.

Ever growing, ever expanding

Zhejiang Expressway will actively communicate with its employees, encouraging employees to be involved with the management of the Company by submitting their comments and ideas. Through concerted efforts between the Company and the employees, we seek to work hand in hand, bringing our endeavor to ever growing, and ever expanding.
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